IMPORTANT! The pharmaceutical companies are looking to shut down this page because if this information leaks out, more and more people will be using this product instead of buying the poisonous pills from the pharmaceutical companies.

Slow Down The Memory Degeneration in Alzheimers & Bring Your Loved Ones Back

In the next few minutes, I will reveal a secret formula that will naturally slow down the memory degeneration in Alzheimer’s. I will show you how you can effectively combat the disease and improve the cognitive function so the patient will lead a happier life with their loved ones, all in this page.

Hi, my name is Jon Gallagher.

What I’m about to reveal to you comes straight from my experience. And I’m sharing this because I know firsthand how much it hurts.

This is the story of how I discovered the formula that will slow down the rate of memory deterioration by 30 times than most Alzheimer’s patients.

The story of how I discovered this formula started when I was opening the door of my house in San Diego, on August 22, 2010.

I Remembered The Whole Situation Vividly

My mom was crawling on the floor. She looked so happy because I finally went home since a while ago.

I thought that she was being funny because mom has always been a prankster and I thought that it was just another one of her silly jokes since I was away for a while. I was about to laugh.

But then, my sister came in, obviously looking like she was trying very hard to hold back her tears. She shook her head as if to imply that no, no, Jonny, mom is not pranking you. This is not one of her jokes.

Then, it dawned on me. Mom forgot how to walk.

It would be so funny if it didn’t happened to me, I mean how can’t people forgot how to walk?

That doesn’t make sense at all. You’ve learned how to walk since you were still a toddler and have been walking non-stop ever since then, how can you just forgot how to walk? But, apparently, it is a normal occurrence for Alzheimer’s patients.

10 Months Ago, My Mom Has Been Diagnosed With Stage 2 Alzheimer’s Disease.

causing her to forget even the most basic everyday activities.

She has forgotten how to use the bathroom, she has forgotten how to put on her clothes, sometimes she has forgotten how to walk and worst, at times, she has even forgotten that I am her very own son.

The doctors all said that this is a condition that is irreversible — which means we have to learn to deal with it. I had just returned from a trip in India where I was helping a film crew with the production of a Hollywood movie.

In my line of work, I tend to travel out of the country a lot to film movies in some of the most exotic locations in the world — which means I don’t get to spend too much time at home.

When I returned from my 6 months work in India, I’ve discovered that my mom wasn’t the same as before. It started with the littlest things like how she would forget where she put her car keys and my sister and I would pass it off as just her being forgetful. But, then we’ve noticed it’s getting worse and worse when she took a long time to dress up. And that was when we realized that she had forgotten how to wear her clothes.

She has forgotten how to take care of herself.

We could go to the grocery store to get some groceries and she would walk out on the street without us and just sit in a park nearby -- not knowing why she was there in the first place. We would then spend hours with the police and authorities trying to search for her.

My sister and I didn’t mind the extra work to take care of her… After all, she is our mom. The one and only mom who brought us up by herself and made us who we are. But the struggle of being with my mom who I remember in my mind and the current her, that was like a whole new person to me, is very painful.

She was a very fun person, she loved to tell us a lot of stories even when we’ve grown up, she still told us stories from her adventurous youth. In the past - she always tell us story of the war, the elections, her past and her parents whom emigrated from Scotland.


I hate how I have to refer to her in the past tense as if she’s not here anymore. Ever since she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she has never told us any stories anymore. In fact, there are times when we were talking — she would just, out of a sudden, ask me and my sister who we are. That was the worst part of all, having your mom, forgot who you are even though you’ve been with her for almost 25 years.

On her worst day, she would even go as far as accusing us as trespassers and I’ve lost count on how many times she threatened to call police and a few times she did, it was very problematic to deal with.

But the worst thing is when it all came back to her, that she just accused her own children of being trespassers and I felt like my heart crippled at the sight. And both of us needed to be strong for her so we swallowed our sadness and reassured her that it’s okay, we’re okay, you’re okay and that’s all that matters.

It was painful to watch my mom go through this — and it was even worse to see my sister crying alone every single evening while trying to hide the pain from us.

One thing for sure, we both loved our mom very much.

"Wouldn’t it be better if I am dead?"

One day, as we were having lunch at our favorite spot in San Diego, where we lived, my mom went through the phase of confusion again and asks us who we are.

I reminded her that we are her children. To which she said, “Nonsense. I have no children...” My sister finally broke down crying in front of her. I explained to my mom about her disease.

My mom then looked me in the eyes and said, “Then, wouldn’t it be better if I am dead?

When she said that, it felt like there’s a knife that struck through my heart. The emotional pain was so much that I couldn’t sleep for the nights to come.

But, then I needed to go back to India to continue the filming. I left my mom to my sister with a very heavy heart. Even with the two of us, it is very hard to take care of mom - what’s more now that she’s alone. I felt guilty to both my mom and sister, but the production needs me.

It was so glaringly obvious to the production team that I was having trouble with something because I always looked so down and whenever I had a free time, I would call my sister immediately to check up on mom’s condition.

One of the producers asked me what was wrong and I told her about mom’s condition. She then introduced me to one of the locals that was helping out with the film production and said that this man could help your mom.

I was surprised and told the producer that, no, Alzheimer’s disease is incurable; how on Earth that this man could help me get my mom better when modern medicine couldn’t?

The Indian man overheard us and just smiled gently and told me in a very heavy Indian accent that he’s used to that kind of questions. He brought me with him to his home and there I saw on his walls countless of certificates that acknowledge the man as a doctor.

I was very surprised, so that man is a doctor? He asked me to sit down and listen to his story first before deciding on anything.

The Man Who Bring My Mom Back To My Life

Dr. Ranjeet Singh was a neurologist and during his stint at a pharmaceutical company as a lead researcher he found out an easily-accessible, organic and cheap alternative remedy to slow down the rate of mind degeneration in his Alzheimer’s patients.

But when he presented his idea to his superior, it was rejected. Why? Because the pharmaceutical company cannot make big money from this natural remedy. It’s going to affect the sale of the drugs that they were making to fight off Alzheimer’s.

The most common drugs for Alzheimer’s patient is Donepezi, which is the bestselling Alzheimers drug in the market — but Dr. Ranjeet told me that there was no conclusive evidence that this drug can help to improve memory.

In fact — he added, that this drug has been said to contain the same elements as petroleum, chloride and flammable gas. There’s even some support and feedback claiming that Alzheimer’s drugs can do more harm than good — with some avid contributor including him in this industry labeling these drugs as “poisonous”.

But why are they still selling so well? Well, because most people don’t understand Alzheimer’s.

You see, Dr. Ranjeet explained that, while it is an irreversible disease — there’s a way to help the patient retain memories way more effectively.

  • There’s no poisonous drugs involved.

  • There’s no hardship you need to go through to find herbs that you need to buy to make this work.

  • And there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars in any sort of therapy.

This is the same secret formula used by Dr. Ranjeet Singh to ensure Alzheimer's patient can outwit any other Alzheimer's patients by at least 30 times. This secret formula alone could cripple the entire Alzheimer’s sector of the pharmaceutical industry if this is leaked out.

All it takes is a simple formula that combines the simplest essential nutrients for the mind. And these are the same ingredients you can get in any grocery store or supermarkets.

Think about it this way, he said. If your brain is fully nourished, you would be able to think better and clearer, correct? Well, the same applies for an Alzheimer’s patient.

I asked Dr. Ranjeet why didn’t he do something to spread the awareness about this secret formula? He could help a lot more people if he did, he could end all the sufferings and heartaches in dealing with Alzheimer’s.

He said that he felt that he’s too old to fight the system. He just want to live his life calmly with his family now that he has retired. He told me to do anything I want with the formula he gave me.

The Best Part Is She Relies 100% On Pure Natural Remedy

When the filming was over, I went back home to San Diego. I immediately applied the formula that Dr. Ranjeet gave me to my mom and almost a week later.

It’s like my mom has aged backwards by 20 years! She’s back to who she was before this, she even apologized in tears when it all came back to her about how she had been an emotional burden for us. We told her that it’s okay, it’s not her fault at all.

When we went to meet up with her doctor, even he was surprised at how much my mom has improved. The best part about this is my mom no longer takes those “poisonous” drugs so she can feel better. She relies 100% on pure natural remedy that optimally nourishes her mind and body.

Then I Understand Why Dr. Ranjeet Said This Is Going To Be A Fight To Share This Secret Formula

It touched me greatly how my mom had been returned back to who she was before that I quit my handsomely paid job with the Hollywood studio and dedicate my time with spreading the awareness about this formula. I want to spare the heartache, and the sadness.

I know how it feels, I know how hard it is – my sister even more so - so I want to spare anyone else from feeling the same way we did.

Listen... We know exactly how you’re feeling right now. And we’re here to help. That’s why I prepared this special page in the first place.

I went on a nationwide tour in America using my own money to spread the words about this formula. The response was so overwhelmingly great that more and more people invited me to give a talk about Dr. Ranjeet’s secret formula.

However, I came to realize that most family with an Alzheimer’s patient couldn’t really go out because they fear that something bad and unthinkable would happen and I totally understand that.

I’ve been there, and I’ve done that. And travelling takes a lot of time so I don’t think I want to continue my tour anymore since I want to spend as much time as possible with my mom and sister. I’ve been away for so long and I want to make up for lost time by taking care of my mom more even if her condition has improved way better.

But then it came to me, how about sharing it on the Internet? Then, more people from around the world could have access to this very same secret formula. So after realizing that, I shared the secret formula on a few health forums and I was shocked to see that it was taken down a few hours after I posted it.

Why? I only wanted to share the secret formula to more people.

But it turned out that big pharmaceutical companies would try their hardest to shoot down any posted alternative methods that is readily available because it will affect their profits.

Why I Started This Special Page


To combat this issue, the only solution was for me to host my own website and host the secret formula on the website. This way, those greedy pharmaceutical companies will have no way to shut me down legally. And I’ve hid it so well that not everybody except those who need it can get it.

This is not a public link where anyone can just stumble upon. You are endorsed and recommended — and that’s why you’re given the opportunity to get the same access. Now, I know you might feel skeptical about this.

I’ve been in the same boat before heck I’ve even doubted any alternative methods because I was so hell-bent in believing modern medicine and pharmaceutical companies that I felt so cheated when I found out the ugly truth.

I feel like I’ve wasted a substantial amount of time and money by believing in modern medicine and big pharmaceutical company when evidently my mom gets better with this secret alternative method in less than a month.

A month. 30 days. And my mom had the disease for over a year.

What was I doing before this by believing all these shady people in white lab coats when I could easily have access to all the ingredients in the secret formula within a walk to the nearest grocery stores?

I’ve no problem with spending a lot of money for the well-being of my mom but what about the people who can’t afford it? Do they need to spend so much money on things that doesn’t really work?

That’s why I’m here to help you. You can just click the button below to get instant access to the formula, simple as that.


And it’s only $47.

The price is less than the amount of money you spend on coffee for a week – what is $47 to be compared to your loved ones being saved from the dreadful grip of Alzheimer’s?

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

So, now it’s up to you to get your hands on the secret formula or not. You can help to save people’s lives and spare them from the heartache or you can just live with knowing the fact that you have the power to help people but choose to not do anything about it.

Listen. I understand frustration. I can feel your pain. I know exactly how you feel.

So if you’re skeptical about this… I want to do something to take the risk off you. You can test this out for 60 days if you are still skeptical about this.

If you don’t feel like the secret formula is worth ten times the price, just drop me an email at and I’ll refund your every single cent back to you. No question asked.

I want you to accept this completely risk-free and know that there are actually real people who’s trying to help you. I know how difficult it is for you to digest all these information in one sitting and you might still be skeptical about this but do know that you have my 60-days-money back guarantee.


And to add to that. I’ll also include an extra bonus eBook called, “Herbs For Memory” that we’re selling for $97 outside of this website. But if you get the “Neuro Memory Regenerator Formula” made by myself and Dr. Ranjeet -- I’ll hand you the “Herbs For Memory” eBook for absolutely free.

Yes, yours 100% FREE.

As you can see, I really want to help more people and this is not a product that is just there to gain some profits. I really don’t want another person on the Earth to feel the same pain like my sister and I did.



Get extra bonus eBook “Herbs For Memory” worth $97 for FREE together with Neuro Memory Regenerator Now at $47

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

Testimonials From Current Users

There are always products that said that they can completely reverse Alzheimer’s and that’s just a lot of bull, seriously. I would know because my nan had it and my mom had been taking care of her ever since. If there’s anything that made Alzheimer’s really heartbreaking is the fact that it’s irreversible.

What made me attracted to Neuro Memory Regenerator in the first place is because it never claimed to be able to reverse it. The product is able to slow down the memory degeneration and it did just that. Back then, when I try to converse with her, the conversation would go round and round like it would never end because she kept forgetting that she had asked it before. But now, our conversation flows smoothly, she even remembers my name! I thought that I had to live forever with her not remembering my face or name, so yeah thanks a lot Jon. I’ve never seen my mom or nan happier than this. It’s like we’ve gained back what we’ve lost.

- Tim Johnson

About 8 months ago, my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I don’t really know about the disease before this so I don’t know what to expect. But the past few months were absolutely heartbreaking. I thought that Alzheimer’s patient only lose their memory. But it’s not, my father forgot the tastes of food. All his life he had been a major foodie so it was really upsetting to see him not being able to remember how his food tastes like. Then, a friend of mine direct me to Neuro Memory Regenerator. I’m willing to try anything to help my father regain his memories back again so I decided to try out this product.

It’s amazing how fast my father’s memories came back to him, I can’t even begin to believe it. It’s like you’ve given my father another chance at life. My father’s mission now is to taste more food across the country because he didn’t want the same thing to happen to him ever again. And I’m recording this to let more people know that there’s a solution for it even if it’s irreversible so, don’t give up.

- Alana Smith

My husband has always been a little forgetful about stuffs so I don’t really think it was anything serious of him forgetting where the car key was. But then, it wasn’t only car key, we would go on a drive and he would suddenly stop the car in the middle of the road because he forgot where he was driving too. At that time I knew there was something wrong so I brought him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. There was one time, our grandchildren came to visit us and he shouted frantically about a missing child in our home. That’s when I know that I need to do something about it. So, with the help of my son, we searched high and low for alternative methods because the meds the doctor gave him won’t cut it anymore. Then, my son stumbled on a thread in a health forum about Neuro Memory Regenerator. He private messaged the guy and ask him more about the details and the rest is history.

Unbelievable would be an understatement, my husband is even better than before now, he’s the one who nags me about misplacing stuffs now. I can’t thank you enough for creating this amazing product because I can’t imagine how worst he would be if it’s not for this product.

- Helen Moore

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I’ll see you on the other side.


Slow Down Memory Degeneration & Bring Your Love One Back

Get extra bonus eBook “Herbs For Memory” worth $97 for FREE together with Neuro Memory Regenerator Now at $47

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.